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At the Scaling UP! H2O Academy, we believe in providing easily accessible educational content for professionals working in the best industry in the world, industrial water treatment. Because of our drive to provide the very best digital content for professionals in the water industry, we offer several educational journeys so our students can scale up on knowledge so they don’t scale up their systems no matter if it is their first day on the job or they are a seasoned pro there is a journey in our library to help your professional career.

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CWT Exam Prep 

Get the confidence you need to take the CWT exam with over 230 videos to help you prepare for the next step in your career. 


Introduction to Industrial Water Treatment

Learn general information about the water industry, heat transfer, the types of systems (Boilers, Chillers, Cooling Towers, and Closed Loop Systems), energy and water, common issues that water professionals need to solve, and the chemistry water treaters need to know.  

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Newly Added

Closed Loop

Learn what to look out for, what to test, and how to address the top issues with Closed Loop systems.

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What People Are Saying

Our students' success speaks volumes.

"I took Trace Blackmore's Introduction to Industrial Water Treatment online course. Trace's course covers almost everything in the Fundamentals and Applications track, minus some hands-on work. I have recommended to my company that new to the industry hires watch Trace's Introduction to Industrial Water Treatment class.

Eric Doescher

Service Technician Manager

"I am a very happy customer. The process worked smoothly, the format is excellent, and I'm happy to say I used this as my primary studying-guide and passed the CWT Exam last week!"
Justin Reyes
Regional Manager, EAI Water
ASSE Certified Legionella Water Safety and Management Specialist

"Thank you for your CWT Practice Exam course. It was a huge part of my CWT Exam preparation. I want to compliment you on how complete and well-laid out the training module you provide has been. This is a great tool for prepping for the Examination... that I passed.


Nathan (Larry) Nickels

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

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