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Hi, I'm Trace

Scaling Up! H2O Academy Founder


Trace Blackmore, CWT, LEED AP, the host of Scaling UP! H2O, is the CEO and founder of Blackmore Enterprises, an industry leader providing water treatment consultation and services to industrial and commercial customers in Metro Atlanta.

Why Scaling UP! H2O Academy?


Trace’s goal for Scaling UP! H2O academy is for it to be the go to educational resource for water treaters, by water treaters so we can “Scale up our knowledge so we don’t scale up our systems” across the entire water treatment community. 

“I want to motivate water treaters to reach out, to get better, and push themselves to always be learning.” – Trace Blackmore

Meet The Team


We are a group of passionate and fun professionals eager to share our technical and business knowledge for the industrial water treatment industry.

Michael Reinert, PhD


Corrine Drury

Communications and Operations

Margie Davin

 Podcast and Course Coordinator

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